Asphalt Shingles

asphalt shinglesThe most common type of roofing material for commercial properties is asphalt shingles. They are also great for commercial buildings, something many people don’t know. Among the benefits of asphalt-shingle roofs for commercial buildings are: 


A roofing material’s durability is obviously its most important quality. Buildings are primarily protected against the elements by their roofs. Leaks can severely disrupt a business’ or tenant’s day-to-day routines and operations, so flat roofs for commercial buildings must be extremely durable. 

There is no better choice than asphalt shingles when it comes to durability. The lifespan of standard shingles varies depending on their quality, but it usually ranges from 15 to 40 years. Up to 50 years are known to be the lifespan of high-quality asphalt shingles. 


There is also a difference in durability between different types of asphalt shingles. A brief overview of three types is provided below: 

  1. Roof shingles with 3 tabs
  2. There are few commercial asphalt shingle roofs that use three-tab roofing shingles because they are typically used in roofing projects with tight budgets. They may not provide adequate protection due to their bare-bones feature set. 
  3. A laminated or architectural roof shingle
  4. The shingles of this type are more durable and wind resistant than those of the 3-tab type. In addition to mimicking more expensive roofing materials like wood shakes, tiles, and slates, architectural shingles can also improve the appeal of a building. 
  5. Shingles with a 50-year warranty
  6. This premium option comes with a 50-year warranty, making it one of the most durable options available. In spite of this, 50-year shingles are heavier and, consequently, more difficult to install than standard shingles. Additionally, you may need to add structural support to your building to handle the added weight.  To ensure a quality and safe roof installation, you must hire an experienced roofing company. 


The durability of asphalt shingles doesn’t require much maintenance. A low-maintenance product is not maintenance-free. Regularly cleaning gutter systems and keeping the roof surface free of leaves and organic debris is essential for shingle roofing systems. 

Commercial roofing services companies should also inspect the roofs of building owners on a regular basis. As a preventative measure, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends that flat roof inspections be scheduled in the fall or spring when weather conditions are milder.

asphalt shinglesIt is important to keep in mind that the NRCA’s recommendation is not necessarily the bare minimum – your building roof may need to be inspected more frequently based on the climate and frequency of bad weather in your area. It is often necessary to inspect the roof of a commercial building more often than that of a commercial building due to its susceptibility to leaks and moisture damage. 


What can you do to increase the durability of your flat roof in addition to routine maintenance? Manufacturers offer a variety of features to help you choose shingles that meet your needs. In addition to Dura Grip Adhesive and a Micro Weave Core, GAF’s Timberline shingles come with wind resistance and crack resistance. 


In addition to leak-protection accessories, GAF offers roofing systems. In addition to StormGuard and WeatherWatch leak barriers, the manufacturer also offers other leak-protection accessories. Asphalt shingle roofs can be covered with the former, but metal or shingle roofs should not be covered with the latter. A leak barrier covers a roof’s most vulnerable points in order to prevent water from infiltrating. 


There is no doubt that even the most durable roof will experience some kind of damage at some point. Flat roofs should be repaired as soon as cracks appear to prevent them from spreading to other parts of the building. In addition, contractors mostly do not recommend highly specialized types of roofing systems due to their long repair times and lack of qualifications to handle them. It is possible that the leaks will have spread to other parts of the structure by the time you find a contractor. 

A lightweight and easy to install roofing material, asphalt shingles are easily replaced. Furthermore, 80% of properties have asphalt shingles, so any professional contractor should be able to install them. 

Efficacy and cost

Asphalt shingles are perhaps most popular because of their affordability. Their longevity makes them relatively inexpensive to replace, and they last for a long time. The ease of installation makes asphalt shingles cost-effective as well as easy to install. 


A roof warranty is always a good idea. It is impossible to exclude the possibility of roof damage from unexpected weather events, regardless of the durability of your roof. You should do your research before purchasing a warranty, just as you would do with roofing materials. 

There are many roof warranties available on the market today. GAF provides some of the most comprehensive warranties available. You get great value for your money with GAF’s lifetime warranties. The roof will automatically get a lifetime limited warranty on its shingles and qualifying accessories if you install GAF Lifetime shingles along with at least three qualifying GAF accessories. As an added bonus, the first ten years of coverage aren’t prorated. 


To make sure you get to enjoy all of the benefits of GAF roofing materials, you need to make sure only a professional contractor from a reputable roofing company handles the installation. Here’s a vetting tip: check a contractor’s certifications. These credentials are proof a contractor has undergone stringent vetting by a manufacturer or an independent organization

Master Elite certification is highly regarded in the building improvement industry. Master Elite certifications are only available to license and experienced contractors with extensive training and a solid reputation. A certification requires so many stringent requirements that only 3% of roofing companies can qualify. You can rest assured that a Master Elite contractor will provide you with high-quality work. 


Roofing systems installed by GAF-certified roofers are also covered by exclusive warranties, which are only available to Master Elite contractors. The following are GAF’s warranty levels: 

  1. A limited warranty is provided by Golden Pledge 
  2. It is the most comprehensive warranty level, the Golden Pledge Limited warranty. In addition to covering all manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the shingle, the Golden Pledge warranty covers labor defects for 25 years. You can also expect the same high level of craftsmanship with any roof repair work aimed at fixing the aforementioned defects.
  3. Warranty provided by Silver Pledge
  4. All manufacturer defects are also covered under the long-term Silver Pledge warranty, which is a one-time transferrable warranty. Workmanship errors are only covered for 10 years instead of 15 years. 
  5. Warranty coverage provided by Systems Plus
  6. Despite being the lowest warranty level, the Systems Plus warranty covers manufacturer defects for the entire duration of the warranty. There is only a two-year warranty on workmanship defects under the Systems Plus warranty. 

Consult a GAF-certified roofer for more information about GAF’s exclusive warranties. Feel free to contact us.