Commercial Roof Repair

Many problems can arise from commercial roof leaks. In addition to the obvious issue of water damage to your inventory and equipment, commercial roof leaks can also cause structural problems. On the other hand, your employees and customers may become concerned about your company if your commercial roof leaks. In buildings with leaky roofs, mold can hide in walls or ceilings. It may also cause clients and customers to question the standards of your establishment if they notice a roof leak.

5 Common issues of a Leaky Commercial Roof

Be sure to address any commercial roof leaks as soon as possible. Your roof won’t need to be replaced unless it’s damaged. Most commercial roof leaks are caused by one of these common causes, and a commercial roofing contractor can fix them quickly.

Drainage problems

Commercial roof leaks are often caused by improper drainage. There may have been an inadequate design of the building’s drainage system. However, it is more likely that you will need to receive repairs or cleaning of the drains, gutters, downspouts, scuppers, and other roof drainage components.

Your roof can develop leaks as a result of standing water. Your building’s structure will also have to support more weight due to this additional water.

Penetrations into the roof

If the seals around vents, drains, pipes, air conditioners, gas lines, and electrical conduit on a roof are worn or deteriorating over time, the roof may become susceptible to leaks as the seals surrounding them deteriorate over time. The open penetrations were probably caused by harsh weather and time instead of improper sealing.

Cracked and damaged roof flashings

In addition to damaged roof flashing, damaged roofs are another common problem. The term flashing refers to the metal pieces that are applied along the edge of an area of a roof that connects to another area on the roof, such as chimneys, skylights, roof edges, and walls within the house.

It is possible for the flashing to become damaged as a result of improper installation, weather conditions, and aging.

Membrane damage

This picture illustrates how vulnerable commercial roofs are to leaks in many different places. There might be several possible reasons for a damaged roof membrane. These reasons could include wind, heavy foot traffic, mechanical damage, or some other unknown cause. If you would like to repair your roofing membrane, you should contact a company with a broad understanding of commercial roofing.


Your commercial building may require a new roof at some point. Sometimes, you may not need to resort to this most expensive option to fix a leaking roof.

4 Signs That Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

Taking care of your roof will allow you to detect common commercial roof problems early, preventing costly repairs in the future. The roof of your home cannot talk to you, but it gives you clear indications of problems that are developing. According to our roofing professional, the following are four early warning signs of impending commercial roof problems.

Bubbles & Blisters

Roofing surfaces can bubble or blister when moisture levels are high, heat is present, and time is present. When blisters form on your roof, moisture can get in, causing damage to the structure. Commercial roofs have a shorter lifespan if they are not repaired and treated.

Pools and seepages of water

Standing water may seem harmless, but it has a number of negative effects on your building. The presence of pooling water indicates that your roof needs to be repaired by ABC Roofing Corp.

  • When you have pools of water on your roof, then that roof is likely to have leaking that will cause the water to seep down into your house. It is important to recognize that water intrusion in your commercial building can not only cause structural problems to the property but also cause mold and mildew to grow if left unattended. In order to protect your employees from the health risks posed by mold and mildew, these bacteria must be stopped in their tracks before they can cause a serious health problem.
  • An additional weight load is placed on the building structure due to the water pools.
  • In addition to water, seepage, and dampness, it can also cause the roof to deteriorate as it rusts and rots as a result of corrosive agents and can compromise the roof supports.

Drainage problems on the roof

Water will accumulate in standing pools on the roof if the roof drainage is poor. Roof drains are very vulnerable to clogged up with leaves and debris, which can lead to water pooling on the roof due to water accumulating. Maintaining your drains regularly and clearing out your drains can easily prevent this problem from occurring.

Flashing that has been damaged.

Water can leak into a building’s structure through a damaged or missing roof flashing and through gaps in the flashing.