Flood Restoration Company

Flood Restoration CompanyHeavy rains caused by severe thunderstorms can cause flooding in your home, which can cause significant property damage. There are a number of methods that can be used to treat flooding from storms, as well as protect your health. Flood damage can be more difficult to remediate than water damage caused by leaks or burst pipes because it can include raw sewage. In the event your home is flooded, make sure to hire a flood damage cleanup expert as soon as possible so that the damage can be mitigated and the flood water can be safely removed.

Flood Repair

Water damaged by floods may contain harmful bacteria and fecal matter. We have the adequate training and equipment to properly remove the water and sewage. Flood damage emergencies can be handled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by our team of professionals, who are available to help mitigate the damage before the restoration begins. Here are some of the specific services we offer for flood damage restoration:

Inspecting the premises at the beginning

Extraction of water

Structures and furnishings should be cleaned

The deodorization process

By moving air or using dehumidifiers, you can dry your clothes

Remediation of mold problems

Besides repairing or replacing structural elements such as rotten wood and ruined drywall, we also clean and protect personal items impacted by flooding.

Other Problems Caused by Flood Damage

Water damage and health issues are not the only problems that can result from flooding in a home; rusted pipes and mold growth can also occur. The flood damage restoration process involves using water detection probes and sensors to uncover hidden problems that were caused by flood damage. No matter whether you have filed an insurance claim or not, you can count on our flood damage restoration experts to complete the job thoroughly and completely.

Suppose Flood damage cleanup professionals should be contacted immediately if your home or business is flooded. Flood water can contain sewage, which could lead to health issues if not cleaned up. In order to prevent further damage, you should act as soon as possible. 

Your property is attended to immediately

Flood Restoration CompanyOur local response team will take care of water-damaged properties once you call Restorations (UK). A mobile water extraction unit will be dispatched by your local emergency flood damage response team. This device uses a powerful machine to extract the water from the affected area.

Process of drying

Our drying experts are deployed alongside the response team, utilizing the appropriate equipment while the team is handling water extraction. A piece of drying emergency equipment will then be installed to control humidity and prevent further damage from occurring.

Using the equipment, the property will be dried as efficiently as possible and with the least amount of disruption. A full report detailing the cost of the works performed and any additional work needed is then provided to you and your insurance company.

Damage analysis

It is Restorations (UK)’s responsibility to monitor the drying process closely. In order to restore your property to its former glory, we will need to see the extent of the water damage and provide a second estimate for the reinstatement works once the property has been dried.

Mobile water extraction units

Unlike our competitors, we have a large fleet of self-contained mobile water extraction units. Self-reliance means that in the event of a power outage or water shortage, we can resume our work immediately without waiting for power to be restored, thus reducing the risk of loss.

Flood Restoration Service Breakdown

Decontamination and extraction of water

We Water extraction units are used to quickly and effectively remove flood water from domestic and commercial properties. By hosing down walls, hard floors, and hard surfaces and disinfecting affected areas after the flood water has been removed, the decontamination team can achieve 100% decontamination.

Drying at high speed

Our moisture can be extracted using a variety of systems. The most commonly used drying systems are vacuum systems and high-pressure systems. We can dry cavities/voids and insulation using these systems because hot, dry air is forced into these areas, resulting in minimal disruption and lower costs. Drying of floating floors, tiled floors, behind wall units and paneling, and boats are other types of drying we perform.

Water damage cleanup and decontamination

There can be a long process involved in cleaning up water damage. It is possible for flood water to contain contaminants as well as mud on your property if it has been damaged by flooding. After being in contact with flood water, everything must be disinfected and thoroughly cleaned. Afterward, dehumidifiers will be installed to speed up the drying process so that the property can be used as soon as possible.

Contents removal and storage

Suppose The property may not be safe and dry until the flooding has been contained and the property has been dried out. When returning to the house after a long absence, it may be a good idea to store undamaged contents until you can move back in. If you need assistance with this, we can provide it as long as you need it.

Decontamination and cleaning

We Provide professional carpet, rug, fabric, and soft furnishings cleaning and decontamination services. In order to ensure all contaminants are removed from upholstered furniture after flooding, they should be professionally cleaned. Your soft furnishings and furniture can be quickly and effectively dried out using our mobile water-extraction units.

Laundry and dry cleaning

Suppose there is a possibility that your clothes are contaminated by floodwater. In the dry cleaning process, clothing will be disinfected, and stains should be removed. As a full-service flood restoration company, we remove water, clean up the mess, and restore your property to its original condition.

Removing odors

Our odor removal services are available for properties that have been flooded. We also offer decontamination services, which are performed by a certified restoration specialist. In order to prevent mold growth, we begin by decontaminating the area, then eliminating odors and installing special equipment to facilitate the drying process.

Fine art restoration

It Depending on the extent of flood damage, you may be able to restore your fine art. In addition to assessing the damage, we can provide you with a quote for restoring your art as flood restoration experts. Objects of art should be air dried or frozen if they need to be preserved. Your frames will also be removed, taking special care to avoid damaging your artwork with water.

Document restoration

As We can also provide a quotation for restoring any important documents that have been damaged by fine art. Documents can be extremely important, but they can also be vulnerable to damage caused by soot, ash, and chemicals.

Decontamination of contents at a specialist facility

Using our highly specialized decontamination equipment, we can remove contaminated items and decontaminate them. A swab test is taken after each item has been cleaned and sent to a laboratory for analysis. This ensures that all items are free of bacteria.

Repairs to buildings

Buildings that have been flooded require immediate attention. In the absence of resolution, you will be unable to use those buildings. As well as carpentry and tiling, plumbing, plastering, electrical services, and flooring, we also design and install kitchens and bathrooms. We can help you with building repairs caused by water damage if you need a quote.