Sheet Metal Roofs

Metal RoofsMetal roofs have several advantages over shingles when weighing their pros and cons. Metal roofing sheets are engineered to be durable and long-lasting, but they fade more slowly and retain their appearance for a longer period of time than asphalt shingles.

A metal roof is also adaptable to a greater range of weather conditions, such as storm winds, hail, storms, and hail, as well as fires. Metal and industrial roofs have many advantages, but some people may be on the fence about installing one:

  • Exceptional Durability: These systems endure heavy inclement weather and other external factors for a long period of time.
  • Installing Metal Sheets: We have a team of roofing installers that can quickly and easily install metal sheets. By doing this, you can reduce your building’s downtime and reduce the costs of roofing installation man-hours.
  • Resistance to fire: The fire rating of metal roofing is class A, which means it can endure intense temperatures. You can add this level of flame retardant protection to your building for excellent protection.
  • Energy Efficiency and Heat Conduction: Sunlight reflects heat off this metal. It will lower your energy bills by reducing the amount of work your HVAC system has to do to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Roofs with standing seams

You can add a durable accent to your building with a standing seam system. The material can be used for bay windows, porch roofs, or even roofing systems as a whole. With the proper installation, standing seam metal roofs can last up to 100 years without having to be repaired. The paint finish warranty on standing seam lasts up to 45 years.

The following features are included in standing seams:

  • It is available in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Oil canning is also more difficult with this gauge, depending on the gauge
  • A wide range of panel sizes is available, ranging from 12″ to 16.”
  • This roofing is supplied by Roof Doctors from leading manufacturers such as Berridge, DMI, Petersen Aluminum, and Metal Sales, among others.

This is the last roof you will need for your commercial, industrial, or private location due to the durability of the system and the expertise provided by Roof Doctors.

Roofing made of copper

Roofs with copper accents are usually used for bay windows or porches. The Roof Doctors are professional roofing contractors who can properly install your roof to ensure it lasts for many years to come.

Copper roofs should be known for the following reasons:

  • The Copper Roof option is available only from a few roofing companies, including Roof Doctors.
  • The walk-out balcony and low-sloped roof areas are great candidates for this type of roof.
  • Soldering copper flat rock panels is one of our specialties.

Metal RoofsReach out to the Roof Doctors if you are searching for a durable roofing option that makes an attractive accent.

Flashing for roofs

You can use metal roof flashing both to keep water out of your structure and to keep moisture out. In addition to metal, there are several other materials that can be used to make flashing, but metal is the most durable and flexible.

Flashing has the following advantages:

  • Water leaks are prevented by this last, best line of defense.
  • When flashing is used, things can expand and contract while still remaining sealed.
  • In addition to preventing mold and algae growth, preventing moisture can also prevent the growth of fungi.

The metal flashing of your roof and the overall structure of your building are invaluable tools in maintaining their quality. Even though it is a small part of the whole system, it plays a crucial role.

We are Nashville’s finest roofing specialists when it comes to metal roof panels and complete metal roofing systems. All the metal roofing supplies you need are available from us. Whether you are looking for an installation or a simple repair, our team has the skills and experience to present the best solution.

Metal roof benefits

These are some of the benefits of metal roofs over asphalt shingles.

  • Almost no maintenance is required for metal roofs to last for 100 years or more. There is a possibility that asphalt shingles will last only 15 to 20 years.
  • The cost of repairing a metal roof ranges from $650 to $2,900, depending on the type of roof and the amount of maintenance required. Moss grows on asphalt shingles, which need to be washed off regularly and repaired.
  • Metal roofs stand up to the elements during heavy winds and hail storms, whereas asphalt shingles are susceptible to damage. Fire and smoke damage can also be prevented by metal roofs.
  • The lower cost of cooling and heating your commercial property with a metal roof is due to the higher energy efficiency of metal roofs. If you install metal roofs during a tax year, you may be eligible for tax credits based on their energy efficiency. Talk to your accountant when it comes time to file your taxes.
  • A metal roof may never require a new roof during its lifespan, which makes it attractive to buyers. When selling your commercial property, make sure your listing agent emphasizes the roof’s value.

How does a metal roof benefit you? 

There are plenty of benefits to metal roofs. Since metal does not peel up, it provides greater protection against the elements. The advantages of metal include its durability, wind resistance, lightweight nature, and its ability to be layered over asphalt that already exists. The final reason to consider a metal roof is that it is energy-efficient, resulting in energy savings of 10% to 40% for owners.

Metal roof disadvantages? 

The downside of metal roofs is their initial cost, which is higher than that of other types of roof materials. As a result of its tendency to contract and expand in the winter months, metal is difficult to breach during an emergency, and additional insulation is required to effectively block undesirable noise. Moreover, poorly installed metal roofs leave plenty of space for water to accumulate.

Are metal roofs compatible with shingles?

There are most often no problems installing a metal roof over shingles. That means there will be no disposal fees associated with the old roofing when your metal roof is installed. Your roofer, however, will take into account disposal costs for an existing metal roof when replacing it.

What are the benefits of metal roofs?

It is worth the cost to install metal roofs, even though they are expensive to install. There is little maintenance required for them, and they last for a long time. Using them will lower your heating and cooling costs because they are energy-efficient. You can also increase your property value with Sheet Metal Roofs.